Our part-time 
Festival Coordinator and Administrative Assistant position has been filled.  

Deadline to apply was May 15, 2021
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Assistant/Festival Coordinator Duties


  1. Be responsible for monitoring Festival email and phone during the year.

  2. Create spreadsheets relevant to such things as marketing, publicity and recruiting efforts,

  3. Maintain & monitor Festival database of email and US Mail addresses.

    1. Distribute email to members

    2. Take suitable action on ongoing mail

  4. Act as the intermediary between attendants/the public (though not the media)

    1. Manage Festival Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media presences.

  5. As Festival draws near, manage registrations for Writing Workshops; and if Festival returns to a live event, manage Festival registrations and be physically present to assist with registration and other contingencies

  6. collecting, holding, and distributing that information is in many ways the main task of the Festival Coordinator

  7. keep track of numbers and analyze data for ways to optimize attendance.

  8. Report to the Festival Board on registration as needed

  9. Tasks as assigned to assist the President, such as updates to the Web Site

  10. Tasks as assigned to assist the Publicity Coordinator, such as postings to FB.

  11. Assist as needed in scheduling monthly meetings of the Festival committee.

  12. Help coordinate and distribute materials (such as agenda, reports Financial Report to Festival committees before meeting.

  13. Attend monthly Festival committee meetings and report as needed on status of work.