Our Annual Meeting was held December 10th, 2020 from 5:30 to 6 as a Zoom session.

We have now completed our  Annual Members Meeting held Dec. 10th, 5:30 - 6 PM and are busy preparing for the 2021 Festival
Our 2021 Honoree will be distinguished author 
John Edgar Wideman

Recent Gatsby Coverage (BBC)

The Great Gatsby is synonymous with parties, glitz and glamour – but this is just one of many misunderstandings about the book that began from its first publication.

"Of all the reviews, even the most enthusiastic, not one had the slightest idea what the book was about" – F Scott Fitzgerald


 Read a BBC article: The world's most misunderstood novel



If you're tired of that Great Gatsby glut the NY Times is complaining about, Kirk Curnutt was on Jan. 29, and Reb 5 for a deep dive into Fitzgerald's magazine career. He will be exploring the world of periodicals and their role in American culture.


Stay tune, Kirk has promised to provide us with an overview.

The 24th Annual F. Scott Fitzgerald Literary Festival and the 1st "Virtual" version went very well. Barbara Kingsolver was a great honoree -- her Master Class and reading/remarks were great and she transcended the on-line constraints and projected a feeling of warmth & immediacy.
If you missed it don't despair, the committee is "Zoom Meeting" to begin preparations for our 25th festival. Watch this page for announcements and updates. Meanwhile, revisit some of Fitzgerald's great novels and short stories or watch one of the movie versions. A particular fav of "ours" is the 2009 Oscar-winning version of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. Or view our 7'45" video history of the Festival.
Stay tunes for news of interest to Festival and FSF fans. 

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