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Bethesda Book Club Discussing Richard Powers' Bewilderment


BETHESDA READS a Richard Powers Book.
Please, join us from 10:30 to  noon on Tuesday, May 10 when the Bethesda Reads Book club at the Connie Morella Library  will discuss "BEWILDERMENT" by Richard Powers as part of the F. Scott Fitzgerald Festival 2022. Details here.

What is Bewilderment about?

 In Bewilderment we meet Theo Byrne, an astrobiologist at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, & his nine-year-old "neurodivergent" son, Robin who simple says: “Lots of monsters inhabited my sunless depths,” 

Father and son rent a cabin, swim in freshets and sleep outdoors beneath the Milky Way whose possible planets  Theo studies.  This story mixes scientific and emotional understanding of life in the near future.

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