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F. Scott Fitzgerald Art Poster Contest 2023 Winner



The "Great" Gatsby,

Digital Raster and Vector Drawing by

Fernando Santiago.  

"It is a study of The Great Gatsby in a technique that makes the different vignettes look like they have depth as if it was a light box. The silhouette of Gatsby lords over the piece and within it are the things he is trying to fill his hollow life with. His silhouette is also boxed in by the name he has created for himself,  both a source of admiration of others but in reality a prison.


The vignettes show the faceless strangers he surrounds himself with as well as the luxuries. In the middle is Daisy, his great obsession. In the back of his mind we have the war faced head on while others cowar. It represents a man in eternal conflict striving for one more victory.


The piece has a feeling of sadness and nostalgia, it’s almost like looking at Gatsby from Nick Carraway’s (and also Scott Fitzgerald’s) eyes, a man larger than life and empty at the same time."

- Fernando Santiago


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