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Honoree-Richard Powers

“Since his first book in 1985, Richard Powers has published a dozen novels, with this newest one being his lucky thirteenth. In one way or another, to one degree or another, they have all manifested deep concern with matters of technology and culture, the core remit of SF. Some, such as Galatea 2.2, have been flat-out undeniable science fiction. Others have trended closer to mainstream literary fiction. His exceptional oeuvre as a whole has certainly earned him recognition as a leading author of 21st-century fantastika. Bewilderment upholds that distinction. It’s a humanist deep dive into matters of neuro-divergence, the acceptance, troubles, and techno-amplification of same. “ from a review by Paul Di Filippo


You can read NPR's Leila Fadel interview with novelist Richard Powers about his new book, Bewilderment. 

Is Kim Stanley Robinson One of Our Greatest Ever Socialist Novelists? AN INTERVIEW of Robinson WITH ROBERT MARKLEY

Our first festival event will be a virtual event on the evening of May 17th. With FEATURED SPEAKER Martina Mastandrea

Festival Theme - "Stories and the More-Than-Human."

“I am dazzled, yes, by the creativity of the human mind, but I am also struck dumb by the ability of various aspen groves to maintain and replenish themselves, through their common root system, for eighty thousand years and more. Gadzooks! And by the ability of a spring meadow to utter forth into the mountain air a resplendence of wildflowers, the hue and tone of this complex utterance slowly altering throughout the season. Or by the audacious ability of hummingbirds to fly, um, backwards. Are we humans unique? Sure we are. But so is everyone else around here.” from              “On Being Human in a More-Than-Human World” By David Abram

Fitzgerald in the news

Nancy Milford, a biographer whose account of the glittering but tormented life of Zelda Fitzgerald, the wife of Jazz Age novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald,  died on March 29 at her home in Manhattan. She was 84....

Biographer Judith Thurman, writing in the New Yorker in 2001, called Dr. Milford’s biography “one of the big literary events of the feminist new wave — the first liberation of a madwoman from the attic.”....

Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald were the most glamorous couple of the 1920s. Check out the Amazon series “Z: The Beginning of Everything,” which aired from 2015 to 2017.READ MORE

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